DECA – The Dayton Early College Academy

DECA is a non-traditional charter school focused exclusively on preparing students to attend college and graduate.

  • Serves more than 1,100 K-12 students
  • 82% of students will be first-generation college students
  • 100% of 2016’s graduates are college-bound or serving in the military
  • Named one of America’s Top High Schools for “closing the gap” by Newsweek in 2014
  • Featured on the US Department of Education’s “Doing What Works” website

McLean Hospital

The Connor-McLean Healthy Kids Development Program is a partnership with one of the world’s leading psychiatric hospital. It consists of a biological study of trauma and its long-term effects on mental health, particularly in children living in poverty. Through studying a Dayton-based 1,000-child cohort, we’ll attempt to:

  • Gain an understanding of why some children are vulnerable to develop mental health problems while others seem surprisingly resilient.
  • Identify actionable markers that predict unfavorable trajectories before the onset of mental health problems.
  • Provide children at risk with effective help to prevent the negative consequences of childhood adversities.

The Victory Project

The Victory Project is an intense after-school program, mentoring disengaged young men in Dayton with its groundbreaking 3E curriculum.

  • Education: The program offers weekly, individualized homework assistance and tutoring. VP staff attend parent/teachers conferences advocating between youth, parents and school. The goal is for each student to graduate high school, pursue higher education in college, trades or military service.
  • Entrepreneurship: VP students - alongside business mentors - manage their own micro-enterprise, Victory Landscape Management, LLC, which provides real-world business experiences, exposure to individual financial responsibility and teaches the value of hard work while launching the students own employment history.
  • Enlightenment: The program is committed to providing a safe and consistent family environment for its students – doling out love and accountability in equal parts.

Miracle Makers

Miracle Makers is an after-school and summer program located in Dayton’s East End. Students receive a wide range of services in an academically stimulating environment.

  • Academic Intervention and Support: The program offers individual and group tutoring. Children have shown improved homework completion, class participation, increased school bonding and higher attendance rates.
  • Enrichment: Students are exposed to activities like STEM, gardening, design and critical thinking.
  • Holistic Wellness: With the promotion of health and mental development, the students experience improved relationships with adults and their peers. Students have more self-awareness and positive attitudes toward themselves, school and their community.
  • Family and Community Engagement: Students benefit from services like a food pantry, clothing donations, emotional counseling, and parent volunteers for community support and art therapy. These services improve family literacy and make a stronger connection between schools, family, and community.

Montgomery County Ohio College Promise

MCOCP supports poverty impacted 8th graders in Montgomery County who show academic promise and helps prepare them to attend and graduate from college.

  • Life-changing opportunity for up to 50 Montgomery County students each year
  • Adult mentorship for each student through the duration of high school
  • Opportunity to attend college at little to no cost to the students or their families

Upspring / Faces without Places

Upspring’s mission is to empower children experiencing homelessness by providing opportunities for education and enrichment.

  • Helped approximately 3,000 children last year, an increase of 1,000 children from the previous year
  • 133 children attended the Upspring 360 summer program last year; 95% of campers improved or retained their math and/or literacy skills
  • 4,151 school supplies and other resources were provided to homeless children last year
  • Over 500 children received toys during the holidays



Their mission is to eliminate youth homelessness in the Miami Valley through programs that provide safety and stability for runaway, troubled, and homeless youth.

  • The region’s only emergency shelter for 10-19 year olds; helps more than 200 children per year
  • Last year 264 youth were provided 24,947 nights of safe shelter and housing
  • Upon leaving Daybreak, 92% of youth moved into stable housing
  • Provides on-the-job work-readiness training program via Lindy & Company – Daybreak’s gourmet pet treat bakery

Boys Hope Girls Hope

Boys Hope Girls Hope Cincinnati helps academically capable and motivated children-in-need by placing them in family-like homes, and providing them educational opportunities through college. As a result …

  • Students attend some of the city’s most competitive high schools.
  • Students receive an array of social-emotional supports.
  • Students are rewarded with college scholarships.
  • More than 80 percent of students graduate college.

The Mayo Clinic

Robert and Arlene Kogod Center on Aging

The Connor Group Kids and Community Partners is also proud to support the cutting-edge research of James L. Kirkland, M.D., Ph. D. and the Mayo Clinic to improve the quality of life for all commencing at birth.

  • Developing interventions to increase healthspan and improve the quality of life
  • Five multidisciplinary and integrated research programs
    • Aging Bone and Muscle
    • Development of Drugs that Target Fundamental Aging Process
    • Cellular Senescence
    • Healthy Aging and Independent Living
    • Regenerative Medicine and Aging
  • Bridging the gap between science and clinical application

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