Our Philosophy

We take a narrow-and-deep approach to business and non-profit investing. That means we'll often research and vet hundreds of programs to find one.

Before partnering with programs, we examine their culture, goals, leadership, structure, results, long-term planning, funding, staffing and more. Perhaps most importantly, we measure the monetary value - or return on investment - our potential involvement will provide children living in poverty.

We consider our biggest investments long-term partnerships.

Our Investments Have

  • A focus on disadvantaged kids
  • A basic premise that resonates with us and excites us
  • Operations in Cincinnati and/or Dayton, OH
  • Measurable, results-driven and game-changing goals
  • Strong and dynamic leaders

Our Investments Are Not

  • Gifts or endowments
  • Mass funding appeals or big-box charities
  • Tickets or advertising for fundraising events
  • One-off check-writing opportunities
  • Programs we can’t vet from the ground up and develop personal relationships with
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